Quarterly Performance Update

3rd Quarter 2018 The commodity asset class, as represented by the Rogers International Commodity Index (“RICI®”), was down for the quarter -1.30%, leaving the RICI® up +4.36% for the year. This quarter, the RICI® outperformed the Benchmark Bloomberg Commodity Index (”BCOM”) […]

Who Cares About Tariffs?

Will rising tariffs derail the commodity bull market? What if trade wars slow down the global economy? Have the long-term fundamentals for the asset classed changed to warrant the recent correction? These are all important questions as the uncertainty surrounding […]

2nd Quarter Performance Update

Commodities: Mid Year Review and Outlook for 2018 RICI® Beats Stocks, Bonds, & Commodities Benchmark The Rogers International Commodity Index® (RICI®) outperformed the benchmark Bloomberg Commodities Index (BCOM), the S&P 500, and Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond index* The commodity recovery, […]